Ireland emerging giants

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Ireland emerging giants

Post by optimistvik » Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:44 pm

Ireland is the one team ,which has impressed since the past two world cups.they managed to beat top test teams and yesterday though they lost to srilanka,who are having a dreamrun,but gave a run to their money.
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Re: Ireland emerging giants

Post by huss10_10 » Wed Dec 02, 2009 10:54 pm

is cricket popular in ireland

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Re: Ireland emerging giants

Post by Major Wedgie » Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:38 am

Typically Ireland cricketers who want a cricketing career go to England. During the World 2007 cup they weren't expected to make the final 8 so when they made the final eight most of them had to ring home and ask their bosses if they could have some more time off. The one thing Irish cricket needs is money, so that cricketers can concentrate on the game rather than having to worry about keeping their "real" jobs.

I believe Ireland could be a permanent fixture on the international calendar, should they find money from somewhere.

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Re: Ireland emerging giants

Post by BlackIce » Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:02 pm

I can't stand it when people say "one man team" and "overrated" without discussing their reason for such a comment.
Ireland still have a long way to go before they are ready for test cricket. Probably at least five years away, with that you don't expect them to compete with Australia or England, but they need to learn by being exposed to such teams. Ireland at full strength are a good side with young talent and a habit in recent time for producing genuine first class players.

Now to properly analyze Ireland as a team you need to look at their team as a whole. And to properly judge what the side could be it must include Ed Joyce, Eoin Morgan and Boyd Rankin all of which would be competative players in test cricket. Morgan is already showing his tallent in the England ODI team and it won't be long before he eventually cracks the test team. Joyce has scored runs against Australia and is a long term tallent on the county cricket circuit. While Rankin is a genuine up and comer with some serious pace and bounce off a good length. So let pick an Ireland eleven and point to the weakest links

Not another Australia which is a team that would score all 9-10 but useful first class side.
Batting order, w/ my rating (With the stolen players included)
1- Porterfield 6/10 (A first class cricketer and a good leader, maybe not international quality, but a solid player
2- Bray 5/10 (Another first class player, aging but quite experienced, useful stroke maker)
3- Ed Joyce 8/10 (A potential Test player with natural talent, scores runs freely against good bowling, probably Ireland's best produce to date)
4- Morgan 8/10 (A hugely talented youngster with a big future, has expressed an interest in returning to Ireland if they gain test status, a world class talent)
5- Niell O'brien 8/10 (Niell is a genuine first class batsman, and a world class keeper, very experienced and still young enough to hold a place in the side, good solid defence in the middle order.)
6- Botha 7/10 (A good first class alrounder, not international quality but genuine first class)
7- White 5/10 (An experienced player, useful lower middle order batsman and fast scorer.)
8- Johnston 7/10 (Bowling all-rounder, provides a good go-to option with accurate medium-fast seemers, and a hard hitting lower order batsman, a genuine first class player)
9- McCallen 6/10 (Experienced player, useful spin bowler and proven wicket taker, also a useful lower order batsman with two first class centuries to his name)
10- Connell 7/10 (Youthful talent, pacy fast medium bowler, accurate, potential first class cricketer)
11- Rankin 8/10 (Youthful talent, genuine pace and bounce off a length, top performer in the 2007 WC, Potential international talent.)

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