Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

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Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by Sparchi » Tue Mar 11, 2008 5:50 pm

Australia demand India censure Harbhajan: reports

Posted Sun Mar 9, 2008 6:04pm AEDT
Updated Sun Mar 9, 2008 6:20pm AEDT
Matthew Hayden and Harbhajan Singh hold a mid-field conversation

CA is reportedly angry with the BCCI for failing to censure Harbhajan. (File photo) (Reuters: Tim Wimborne)

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Cricket Australia (CA) have written to their Indian counterparts demanding they discipline outspoken spinner Harbhajan Singh for a recent outburst against Australian cricketers, reports say.

Harbahajan reportedly called senior batsman Matthew Hayden "a big liar" and retiring wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist "no saint" during the Indian team's triumphant homecoming after an acrimonious tour of Australia.

Cricket Australia (CA) chief executive James Sutherland reportedly wrote to the Indian Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) to express his exasperation at the comments reported in a Delhi-based newspaper.

"Enough is enough," Sutherland wrote in his letter to the Indian board's secretary Niranjan Singhand.

"Despite assurances that you have instructed him not to fuel this issue any more, Harbhajan continues to say whatever he wants. When will it ever end? Could you please deal with your player in regard to these comments," Sutherland was quoted by Sydney's Sun Herald newspaper as saying.

The Indian board said it had instructed Harbhajan not to comment on the controversies which marred the tour Down Under.

"We have told Harbhajan that there should be no more such comments," board secretary Niranjan Shah said.

"We both (boards) feel players should not get into these things again."

The Indian had been in the headlines on the tour of Australia ever since he was banned for three matches for allegedly racially abusing Andrew Symonds during the second Test in Sydney in January.

'Double standards'

The suspension was later overturned following an appeal hearing, but the relations between the two sides deteriorated as Hayden called Harbhajan a "little obnoxious weed" on radio during the subsequent one-day series.

Australia's governing body reprimanded Hayden for the comment made in a radio interview, and it believes the controversial spinner has not been held to the same standards by Indian officials.

The Sun Herald said CA officials spoke privately with the Indian board during the volatile series, and received assurances that the spinner would be counselled about the difference between what they perceived as provocative remarks and personal abuse.

"We believe it is possible to make intelligent, thoughtful and even provocative public comment without descending to personal abuse," a CA spokesman said.

With the tour over, the spinner made his controversial comments after India's triumphant homecoming last week.

"Don't talk about Hayden's credibility, he is a big liar," Harbhajan told the Mail Today.

"He (Gilchrist) is also not a saint. He, of course, pretends to be a saint - someone who doesn't say an offensive word on the field.

"But this is completely wrong. There are times when he doesn't let an opportunity go (to) waste," Harbhajan said.


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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by Sparchi » Tue Mar 11, 2008 5:51 pm

I think he should not be allowed back in to Australia.

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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by samsing » Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:16 pm

Cricket is a gentleman game..harbhajan should change his attitude..hope he should have improved by now.

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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by Major Wedgie » Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:10 pm

Welcome to World Cricket Forum Samsing. Yes cricket is the gentleman's game and there were some bad sports all round last year in the series between Australia and India and I'm not just blaming Harbahjan. Hopefully everyone will get past it and just move on. The main three on the Australian side involved in the issue were Hayden, Gilchrist and Symmonds who have all retired. edit: Symmonds actually was sacked for an "alcohol related incident" prior to this years Ashes series, which Australia subsequently lost.
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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by gammyman » Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:46 pm

Hope harbhajan is well aware that happened to shreeshanth. Shree was simply kicked out the team due to his poor behavior.

mark ben
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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by mark ben » Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:32 pm

yeah harbajan's behavior is very bad,
recently he slapped a media person.

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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by semel » Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:09 pm

During the course of expulsion of Bhajji from ICC and BCCI it gave a drastic blow to Bahjji’s living. He was disheartened with such pose. It was only the media who made these issues to climb the mountain. The ever talented off spin bowler means a lot for the cricket team like India.

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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by Litonice10 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:06 am

mark ben wrote:yeah harbajan's behavior is very bad,
recently he slapped a media person.
I don't agree with you. Because when someone tease you then what do you do? It is not only Vajji's prbolem. A lot of information about Vajji's above but all are not true,he's a good man you know.

I agree with you. At the present time and i think he will be the greatest player of Bangladesh.
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Re: Harbahjan - provocateur, liar, cheat?

Post by BlackIce » Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:13 am

Being a professional sports person you must set a positive and good example for the younger kid just learning the game because these guys are heros for those kids. It is not to justify provoking him, but he should be enough of a man that he can walk away.
The behaviour of Harbahjan and sreesanth is a sign of a lack of professionalism. This is not to say they are in any way bad people but maybe they are not coping with international cricket.

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