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ACA chases Australian Premier League

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:17 am
by Major Wedgie
Did anyone read this article from cricinfo?
cricinfo wrote: Players' body calls for Twenty20 to follow soccer model

ACA chases Australian Premier League

Cricinfo staff

April 23, 2008

The Australian Cricketers' Association is hoping for more rewards from Twenty20 © Getty Images

The Australian Cricketers' Association is encouraging Australia to develop a Twenty20 competition that is similar to the Indian Premier League and could run in conjunction with the main tournament. Paul Marsh, the ACA's chief executive, has been in India to monitor the opening week of the IPL and said the expansion of the concept could follow soccer's model.

"The Indian league will be the Premier League, and then you have the Australian league as the second league, or even the English league," Marsh said in the Daily Telegraph. "Over time players could go and play in one of these leagues and then you'll have a situation where the ICC could license each league, get a return and distribute it to each of these boards."

The initial success of the IPL has other countries trying to think of ways to benefit financially from the concept. Support is also growing for the ICC to implement a set time each year for Twenty20 so it doesn't overlap with Test and one-day internationals.

"We need to find this window and then find how to get a return from it for each of the boards," Marsh said. "We might find a window and it opens a door for a whole lot of these leagues."

Marsh is also interested in the idea of an IPL team based in Australia. Michael Brown, Cricket Australia's general manager of cricket operations, has said the franchise idea would be considered.

Brown told AAP on Tuesday the start of the IPL had been "outstanding". "It's fantastic for cricket - we're here in Melbourne in an incredible AFL environment, yet people are talking up cricket," he said. "That's a real positive for the game and the little bits I've caught from our players, it's been very successful."

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Re: ACA chases Australian Premier League

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:33 am
by admin
Ahh yes but:
Australia too small to host premier league tournament

Cricinfo staff

April 24, 2008

The manager Neil Maxwell, who looks after Brett Lee, says Cricket Australia should try to introduce a transfer fee for players involved in the IPL

A leading player agent believes Australia could not sustain its own version of the Indian Premier League because the market is too small. The Australian Cricketers' Association is dreaming of an Australian Premier League, but Neil Maxwell, who has Brett Lee in his management stable and is the chief executive of the Kings XI Punjab franchise, said only England and India were in a position to develop the big events.

A smaller population combined with less opportunity for major broadcast and sponsorship deals limits the possibility of a stand-alone venture in Australia. "India and England are the only two markets that can sustain franchise tournaments," Maxwell said in the Sydney Morning Herald. "[England has] the revenue, they have the pay TV and the population.

"Let's not beat around the bush, the major revenue is going to come from the television rights and then sponsorship helps too, but in Australia's case the sponsorship is also weaker. You have to have consortiums who are prepared to invest in the tournament, and they will do it for the money, for the profit, and it's going to be very different to India because of that lack of competition for the television rights."

Another idea that has emerged since the IPL began is having an Australian team in the league, which Cricket Australia will consider. However, Maxwell told the paper Australia would be better off benefiting from their players, which were their "biggest asset". "Cricket Australia should probably try to set up a deal with the organisers to receive transfer fees," he said. "So if someone ends up buying an Australian player they [Cricket Australia] are rewarded for producing that player."

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Re: ACA chases Australian Premier League

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:05 pm
by Lounge Lizard
The topic seems to have shifted from "IPL, will it last?" to the happenings in IPL, which implies that our attitudes have changed from, "I hope it dies" to "I'm interested in this". I also note that there is some interest in an Australian Premier League and an England Premier League so I'd say the format is a success.

Personally I'd like to see the cricket format in Australia become 40% Test Cricket, 40% Twenty20 and 20% Fifty50 format. I also think Australia needs a state-level Twenty 20 tournament.