Washup from the Ashes

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Washup from the Ashes

Post by Major Wedgie » Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:00 pm

Well, it's now been a month or two since Australia have lost the Ashes in their homeland for the first time in twenty odd years. Heads must roll, or is that - Must heads roll?

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland last month announced a major review into all aspects of the operations of Cricket Australia and the likes of Steve Waugh have been called on to contribute to the discussion.

It also appears no-one is safe including Chairman of Selectors - Andrew Hilditch and Team Coach Tim Nielsen.

I think the one man that needs to be called is Alan Border. Border has experience in rebuilding Australia from scratch. He did a magnificent job of the Australian side following the team split in the South African boycott all those years ago.

Andrew Hilditch has said "The selection panel has done a very good job", but arguably there have been some really bad decisions: Beer instead of Hauritz, no spinner at the MCG, Hilfenhaus after not getting any wickets for like 80 odd overs.

Now Hilditch argues "the players let us down", if that is the case then Tim Nielsen is the man responsible for the coaching. Preparation also comes into play, England were here in Australia and played a lot of preparation matches on fields around the country.

Australia's preparation on the other hand was non-existent and some of that has to go down to the modern game with players flying all over the world for other commitments. In my mind we have two major events on the cricketing calendar which we must always be prepared - The World Cup and The Ashes, nothing else is as important.

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