Ian Botham sacks Matt Prior

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Ian Botham sacks Matt Prior

Post by Sparchi » Thu Feb 03, 2011 12:04 pm

Well, following Ian Botham's abuse of Australian Phil Hughes for not knowing whether or not he caught the ball, Botham will, no doubt, be calling for the dismissal of Matt Prior for his obvious cheating in yesterdays one-dayer against Australia.

Prior, knocked a bail of the stumps with his glove and then claimed it was bowled. It was as obvious as day, do-one in England would deny it. Time for the call Ian. :mrgreen:

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Re: Ian Botham sacks Matt Prior

Post by Major Wedgie » Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:17 pm

Yeah, I saw that Sparch. I think that it's really easy for cricketers to get caught up in the heat of the moment and that they are people just like the rest of us. Whether it's Prior with his stumping/bowled claim or any cricketer that "doesn't know" whether or not he caught the ball.

I think Ian Botham is a bit of hothead even as an oldy. This has been evidenced on several occasions, not the least of which was his Adelaide car park dustup with Ian Chappell.

In fairness to Prior the ball hit the bail on the way through to him all he did wrong was to help it fall and claim that it was the ball that did it. Yes it's cheating, but it was really quick, heat of the moment stuff.

Anyway, all of this discussion takes away from how good that match was. Last over, 8 down, two bowlers at the crease, 5 to win, a flukey single and an accidental french cut four to win. A record breaking team innings required to win. A Captain regaining his long-lost form. This match had it all and for my money was the best match of the year. It was nail-biter all the way.

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