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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:15 am
by frag60
Hi, I'm frag60 from Pakistan. Needless to say I'm a supporter of the Pakistani cricket team. Been watching cricket for a lot of years now and I'm beginning to get a little tired of T20 cricket despite Pakistan's winning the T20 World Cup. Major T20 overload these days. So these days I occasionally tune into the Ashes and follow the matches. England putting up a good fight so far in the series.

I really miss the Sharjah tournaments that used to happen in the 90s. Those were some awesome tri-series either between Sri Lanka/Pak/India, Sri Lanka/India/SA or Pakistan/India/SA. Miss watching those ODIs ( close finishes, bowlers and batsmen both dripping in sweat under the lights at night, REALLY loud fans. Those were the days..) 8-)