Welcome Afghanistan to World Cricket

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Welcome Afghanistan to World Cricket

Post by Ken » Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:07 pm

Afghanistan have defeated Ireland in the World Twenty20 qualifier. This is a series that encompases some of the world's smaller cricketing nations. Playing nations include Afghanistan, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada, Netherlands, Kenya and Scotland.

Personally I like Ireland.

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Re: Welcome Afghanistan to World Cricket

Post by BlackIce » Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:55 pm

I have been following the associate tournament's of recent years, and Ireland have been consistently competitive and strong amongst the associates.

Afghanistan have come so far so quickly, and the nation appears to have taken their national team to heart. Assuming they continue to grow and develop as they have we could see a very powerful team in Afghanistan over the next decade or so.

The Netherlands have been horribly inconsistent and marred by a fair amount of political infighting which has hampered their growth over the last five years. They have the talent to be a good side in time, but the infighting needs to stop. They have one true world class player in Ryan ten Dochate, i just hope England don't go a poach him as they have done to a number of Ireland's world class exports.

Scotland have a useful side, but are inconsistent in their production of class talent. Money is also a big problem in the far north as well as the problem of England poaching their youth. Still they have produced some good players, Ross Lyons is a useful spinner, Blain is a good qick, but their batting is a bit flimsy.

Kenya have great potential as a future test nation, but they have been ravaged by infighting and corruption which has devastated their growth and the economy of the game in recent years. Still they have produced some very good players. Odoyo, Onyango, Verayah, Waters, Omar, Patel are all more than just useful. Unfortunately many of the youth is forced out of the game by the lack of money going to the players. The loss of the young talent last year of Tammy Mishra hurt the team.

Canada are a very useful team, they appear to have a solid economy within the game their, it seems politically very stable and sponsorship appears to be coming into the game a lot more for them in recent times. They have a number of very good and very talented cricketers, Bagai is just one of quite a few. The problem for Canada is they rarely field a full strength side due to the unavailablity of many of their players, in 2009 they fielded no less than 32 different players at one time or another in their national team, while this unearth some useful talent it hurt in the results column for last year. A full strength Canada is as strong as any other associate team.

USA have some talent but poor management and infighting between regional bodies for control of the game have hurt their reputation and ability to field a team in many international tournaments. It is a lucrative market and the ICC are investing heavily, though they are yet to see any benefits from their funding on or off the field.

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Kenya Draw the series by the Skipper’s Effort.

Post by cricketspice » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:15 pm

Afghanistan v Kenya – 2nd T20I
Kenya’s captain Collins Obuya helps to level the T20I series against Afghanistan. Afghanistan and Kenya played 2 T20I matches against them. Both the matches held at the neutral venue in Sharjah Cricket Stadium. In the first match of the series on 30 September 2013, Afghanistan won by the big margin of 106 runs. Then the 2nd match was held at the same venue in the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.obuya-scored-60-from49-balls Obuya Expose his 60 from 49 balls Kenya’s captain Collins Obuya won the toss and he chose to bat...
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